Expense allocation software for hedge funds & private equity.

Our expense allocation software saves each client fund several hundred thousand dollars per year.

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Increases revenue

Digital data streams and artificial intelligence optimizes expense allocation to increase our client funds' profit margins.

Streamlines communication

On-platform communication features for team members and vendors ensures efficient workflows and turnarounds.

Optimizes operations

We reduce invoice processing time, on average, from 46 days to 1 day or less.

Stop losing time and money

By using Resolvr a bank could cut down a football stadium worth of compliance staff, saving millions.

Avoid misapportionment fines from the SEC

U.S. funds have been fined millions of dollars by the SEC due to critical process mistakes leading to misapportionment.

Optimize your fund operations

Resolvr is a spend management and expense allocation software that ensures SEC and Dodd-Frank Act compliance.

Mitigate misapportionment risks

Resolvr ensures that client funds' expense allocation and apportionment is fully compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act, avoiding SEC misapportionment fines.

Remove human-manual processes

Resolvr removes the need for paper, PDFs, and spreadsheets with a completely digital environment.

Enjoy complete interoperability

Resolvr is able to seamlessly integrate with any established platform that funds use.

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Resolvr has consistently cut costs for all of our clients

0% Total minimum ROI for all current clients
"Resolvr is thoughtfully designed and has streamlined our expense allocation and spend management processes" CFO, $30bn AUM Anchor Client

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